Robin is a visionary organizational strategist across for-profit and non-profit industries, with a unique ability to create cohesive support for critical missions. She has an expertise in identifying opportunities and developing productive partnerships to promote campaigns and broaden awareness to create tangible support. She is highly skilled in translating vision to implementation, with strong persuasive abilities to engage and train key players.

Robin Kelleher is the co-founder who serves as the CEO of Hope For The Warriors®. Robin’s entrepreneurship, leadership, and passion has led this highly successful “for purpose” organization to national heights, raising over $75M and significantly impacting the military community. Robin is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic direction of the organization, driving results with a dedicated Board of Directors, and providing budgetary and mission-focused guidance to the growing staff of Hope For The Warriors®.

Robin serves as a member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women In The Service (DACOWITS), Membership Committee and Health & Wellness Solution Group of the Washington Board of Trade. the Military Family and Veterans Service Organizations of America (MFVSOA) Board of Directors, the Virginia Chamber’s Military & Veterans Affairs Executive Committee, and a PREVENTS Ambassador. Robin has worked extensively with military families, caring for family units during multiple deployments as the wife of a Marine. Additionally, her experiences as the daughter and granddaughter of US Soldiers have given her a unique insight into the needs of service members and their families.

Prior to 2006, Robin founded two for-profit and one non-profit business. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Randolph Macon College, a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Duke University, and a Certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University.