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HOPE serves post-9/11 service members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, veteran and active duty; military caregivers, spouses and family members; and families of the Fallen.

Hope For The Warriors is a nonprofit founded by military families that provides resources and services promoting well-being, financial stability and community connection for post-9/11 service members, veterans and military families nationwide.

Hope For The Warriors (HOPE) was founded by military families aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in 2006, as they witnessed, firsthand, the effects war imparts on service members and their families. As post-9/11 warriors, they joined the military knowing they would likely face deployment and a majority did.

At HOPE, we understand the unique challenges our post-9/11 service men and women confront every day and our goal is to be there for them on their healing journey. We don’t define the warriors we serve by their challenges; our goal is to help redefine each life and chart a course for continued growth.

We remain grounded in family values and uphold the beliefs, attitudes and ideals that families hold dear. We are an extension of the family and will always be there for our brothers and sisters in need. The gratitude we feel for the bravery and sacrifice these warriors have made in service to our country cannot be understated and is never taken for granted

  • Each warrior’s journey with HOPE begins with a personal call. Within 48 hours of connecting to services on our online portal, a warrior receives a call from our team. We spend an average of one hour getting to know each individual and their needs to best offer comprehensive support.
  • HOPE is a trusted nonprofit that has received the highest rating on Charity Navigator (four-stars for 11 years), GuideStar and Great Nonprofits. 90% of every dollar raised goes directly to our programs and services.
  • Through our national services, virtual capabilities and partners in mission HOPE can provide resources in any community nationwide.
Our program and service offerings are divided into six domains that support one’s overall well-being. Click on each domain to watch a video explaining what it means. Click here to watch a video explaining well-being.


For details on specific programs and which domain they fall under, check out the HOPE Brochure below.  
  • $25 Fund a veteran’s resiliency training to lower the effects of stress after service.
  • $50 Provide essential groceries and fuel to food-insecure military families.
  • $100 Keep a family together during a veteran’s in-patient treatment.
  • $500 Provide critical resources to a military family facing homelessness.