We strive to build educated communities that understand the unique needs and challenges of today’s military family. Hope For The Warriors collaborates with military organizations, corporations, civic groups, foundations, and individuals to improve military and veteran education and engagement.

Hope For The Warriors works directly at the community level to unite corporate and civil leaders, school districts, military agencies, and more with a shared goal of embracing the military families in their local areas. By developing relationships within the community – through both events and program work – we establish a connectedness that is also a key component of the warrior culture.

  • Events hosted by Hope For The Warriors and volunteers unite military communities and their supporters to raise funds and awareness to help restore self, family, and hope to the lives of our wounded service members and their families.
  • Volunteers are the heartbeat of this organization and one of our most valued assets. Every single day they let our veterans, military members, their families and families of the fallen know that their country supports them. Our volunteers ensure that we continue our mission to restore Self, Family, and Hope and deliver quality programs and services with great fiscal responsibility.
  • Learn about the many ways you can get involved with Hope For The Warriors through our various programs. Race with Team Hope for the Warriors. Mentor veterans through our Outdoor Adventures program. Take part in the many and varied volunteer opportunities we offer.
  • Help spread the word about the good work Hope For The Warriors is doing in your community. Write a great review about HOPE on greatnonprofits.org. Share with us your HOPE story with us, send it to info@hopeforthewarriors.org.

View our Events calendar to discover what Hope For The Warriors® is doing in military communities across the country.

Event Calendar

Interested in volunteering with Hope For The Warriors to help our nation’s heroes and their families? Well, we want to hear from you! Visit the Hope For The Warriors Volunteer Hub to which volunteer opportunities are available in your area. For additional information, email volunteers@hopeforthewarriors.org.

Upcoming Events

Kayak For The Warriors Reception

Crystal Coast Country Club

10th Annual Riding For Warriors

Kayak For The Warriors Race

Crystal Coast Country Club