Kim and Jason Combs

In a world often overshadowed by chaos and turmoil, some individuals shine like beacons of hope through their unwavering dedication to making a difference. For the month of August, we have the privilege of recognizing Kim and Jason Combs, a remarkable couple who have selflessly devoted their time and energy to support our military community at River Landing in Wallace, North Carolina. Kim and Jason were nominated by a former HOPE volunteer of the month and Air Force Veteran, Tom Green. “They volunteer all the time. They show up with a smile. They’re always excited. I really rely on them,” Tom said.

Kim and Jason are not your typical volunteers; they are a dynamic duo that radiates positivity and enthusiasm. This couple, who share their lives with a wonderful teenage daughter, have been involved with HOPE for four years. What sets them apart is their genuine commitment to lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed. They firmly believe in the motto “Use me,” and they mean it.

Their volunteer roles are as diverse as their dedication, especially during the Hope For The Warrior’s Celebrity Invitational at River Landing. Kim and Jason have done everything from helping with cart staging to shuttling golfers, airport pickups, and even delivering lunches. According to Tom, they are not just a package of two; they’re more like “a package of eight” because of their tireless efforts. Kim and Jason’s reliability, infectious smiles, and unwavering excitement make them indispensable assets to the HOPE family.

What makes the Combs family even more remarkable is the involvement of their 15-year-old daughter, Ashlynn. Since kindergarten, Ashlynn has been embarking on a heartwarming Veterans Day project. For the past 11 years, she has personally put together letters and packages for all the veterans in their neighborhood. This self-initiated initiative speaks volumes about the values instilled in her from an early age.

Ashlynn CombsKim and Jason’s desire to involve their daughter in giving back to the military community is a testament to their commitment to fostering a spirit of gratitude and service in the next generation. Ashlynn’s dedication, as Tom Green puts it, is “something in the DNA pool,” a testament to the family’s deep-rooted sense of compassion.

When asked about their impression of HOPE, Kim and Jason couldn’t be more appreciative. Kim emphasized the kindness and generosity of the people involved, describing the organization as an entity that gives back to the community in a profound way. In a world that can often feel overwhelming, HOPE is “a breath of fresh air,” a sanctuary of goodness where individuals like Kim and Jason find their purpose.

For Kim and Jason, HOPE has become more than just an organization; it’s a family and they relish the camaraderie they share with fellow volunteers. Their involvement is not merely about the tasks they perform; it’s about the people they meet and the connections they make.
Kim’s response was heartfelt and profound when asked what representing HOPE means to her and her family. She expressed deep gratitude for the men and women in the military who selflessly serve our nation. “To be able to give back in any way, especially through HOPE, is a highlight of my life.” Their commitment to serving those who serve us showcases their unwavering patriotism and selflessness.

Jason Combs

Kim and Jason have been married for 11 years, and their journey of service together has strengthened their bond and enriched their lives in immeasurable ways. When asked about being named Volunteers of the Month, Kim humbly responded that it’s an honor she doesn’t feel they deserve. But to those who have witnessed their dedication and their positive impact, it’s clear that Kim and Jason Combs are true heroes in their own right.

In a world where selflessness can sometimes feel scarce, the Combs family stands as a shining example of the incredible impact that individuals and families can have when they commit to making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Their unwavering support for our military community reminds us that there are always reasons to have hope and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. We salute Kim and Jason Combs, Volunteers of the Month, for their inspiring dedication to serving those who serve us.

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