In mid-January, two service members joined a group of avid hunters for the 19th Annual Buckmasters Life Classic Hunt.   The hunt took place at Sedgefields Plantations and the founder and President of Buckmasters, Jackie Bushman hosted two American heroes for this annual hunting trip.

Buckmasters is a National Deer Hunting Association that encourages hunting ethics, sportsmanship and hunter safety.  Hope For The Warriors® has partnered with the organization to provide hunting opportunities to our wounded service members as part of our Outdoor Adventures Program.  This program provides adaptive opportunities for wounded heroes to participate in sporting activities in the great outdoors. Service members, who previously embraced an outdoorsman lifestyle, as well as those new to wilderness sports, are introduced to recreational opportunities on the road to recovery.
The Life Classic Hunt is for people with many different disabilities and includes avid athletes, children and more.  Here is what one of our heroes shared about his experience:

“I am in the process of being medically retired and was feeling somewhat worthless; the whole process is not fun. This hunt made me realize that I do have worth, that people do care, and there are people who are less fortunate than I am.”

Many of our service members grew up hunting.  For them, this outdoor sport is key to their emotional rehabilitation.  Hope For The Warriors® is proud to be a part of that recovery.
Up next in Outdoor Adventures—a Pheasant Hunting Trip in Texas and two ski trips for wounded service members and their families!  Stay tuned for photos and more!