Hope For The Warriors Clinical Support Services identify and fill gaps in mental health care for post-9/11 combat injured service members, veterans and caregivers. We use a wellness approach which looks at all areas of a person’s life to help identify parts needing additional support. Our suite of Clinical Support Services meet many needs.

Therapeutic Interventions
In some instances, a veteran or family member is not able to obtain or hesitant to seek mental health care treatment within their community or from the VA. Our clinical team provides short term stop-gap supportive services that engage the veteran or family in seeking local treatment. Our team of Master Level Social Workers aim to assess our clients’ needs for treatment, address barriers to treatment and find the best care options available.  Scope of services provided is dependent upon the applicant’s state of residence and current licenses held by Hope For The Warriors staff.

Resilient Warrior & Resilient Family
Resilient Warrior is an educational course designed to help a service member cope with stressful events. The course teaches one to control his or her mind and body’s responses to stress. When a person can develop helpful coping tools to combat the adverse effects of stress that individual becomes more resilient.

Hope For The Warriors has teamed up with Home Base to provide this course free to our Warriors and the adult caregivers who provide support. The course is offered on a virtual platform from the comfort of the participant’s home with six weeks of content.

Find more information on Resilient Warrior here.

*Eligibility: Resilient Warrior is available to all post 9/11 veterans. Resilient Family is available to caregivers and spouses of post-9/11 veterans.

Internship Program
The Master of Social Work (MSW) Internship Program provides field placement for MSW students in their foundation or advanced second year of graduate school. The ultimate goal of the program is to ensure that students graduate and enter the field of social work with a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges of today’s military family and a respect for their service and sacrifice.


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