Our Warrior’s Wish® program is about transforming lives. And we do it one person, one family at a time by fulfilling life-changing wishes of severely-injured service members — wishes that push them beyond surviving and allows them to thrive.

Each Warrior’s Wish is as unique as the person seeking something more. It may be a chance to reconnect with family after a long journey through recovery. A wish may come in the form of adaptive equipment to resume a hobby that carried so much meaning before injury. It could be tools or a workspace to launch a new career.

All wishes have a singular goal — to create better quality of life for those who sacrificed for our country.

Hope for the warriors has granted nearly 253 wishes, totaling more than $2.5 million in transformative experiences for severely-injured veterans.

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Meet the Warrior’s Wish Recipients for 2022


Gardening, farming, and hunting are important activities for Sheri Carter in more ways than one.

Mentally, they help her cope with PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  As an Army veteran suffering from a back injury, muscle weakness, and chronic fatigue syndrome, bending down to plant vegetables or pulling back a bow is difficult.

Sheri’s wish arrived in the fall on her 20-acre property: a Utility Terrain Vehicle that has provided safety, security, and comfort.

We hope you enjoy entertaining your fellow veterans around the firepit and cruising the property with your granddaughters!


U.S. Air Force veteran Blanca Baquero-Cruz and her Warrior’s Wish of an ICE Trike, gifted from the nonprofit Hope For The Warriors.

Alaska is known for amazing wildlife, rugged terrain, and stunning landscapes.

Thanks to HOPE, Blanca Baquero-Cruz can explore it with volunteers and other disabled persons whenever she wants to.

The 20-year veteran who suffers from severe PTSD was gifted an ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) trike, a three-wheeled bike outfitted with balloon tires and other enhancements.

Instead of being cooped up during those long winters, Blanca can safely enjoy the outdoors, which is crucial for her physical and mental health.


A famous poet once said, “the greatest wealth is health.” If that’s the case, then Marcia Medina is living the high life.

The single mom dropped almost 100 pounds after being gifted a Schwinn 270 exercise stationary recumbent bike that she rides three to five times a week.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for Marcia physically and mentally. The Coast Guard veteran, who suffers from PTSD, depression, and anxiety, was also battling physical ailments. The weight gain, caused by the medicines she was taking for PTSD, led to severe non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Her equipment has had a positive impact on every aspect of her life. “This all helps me be happier overall and more present for him [my son],” she said. “We have much more quality time together now.”

Just keep riding, Marica. It’s our honor to support you with your fitness goals!


U.S. Army veteran Ronnie Olivas and his family on their California vacation on behalf of Hope For The Warriors.

Upon entering the gates of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, guests walk under a bridge, under a sign that reads, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

It’s as if any troubles, concerns, and worries are left behind, and for the Olivas family, stepping into that magical atmosphere was a long time coming. Ronnie, who suffers from advanced-stage cirrhosis of the liver caused by exposure to burn pits, just wanted to enjoy a family vacation with his wife and three sons. His health condition and financial struggles led to the trip being put on hold year after year until HOPE stepped in.

Through the Warrior’s Wish program, the Olivas family was gifted a two-day, three-night trip to Disneyland, a day trip to Knotts Berry Farm, and a day trip to Sea World. A picture is worth a thousand words: the smiles on their faces say it all.


After his third back surgery in 2017, Jeff Cambre was told to sell his metal shop and buy a recliner because that would be his life.

That recliner is still on the shelves because that prognosis wouldn’t fly for Jeff, who was gifted more than $10,000 worth of automotive restoration tools.

That equipment means he can continue producing restoration parts for classic cars and give back to the metalwork community and help his fellow veterans with their projects.

We love a success story, and we love to see our veterans using a wish to give back to their brothers and sisters in arms. Keep up the good (metal)work, Jeff!

If you are interested in applying for a Wish that will be considered for 2023, please register through our private, secure online registration system here. We will contact you to discuss the program and eligibility requirements.

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Warrior’s Wish relies on collaboration with our communities to make wishes come true for our warriors and their families. For more information about the program, how you can partner to fulfill or sponsor a wish, or if you have questions about applying, email warriorswish@hopeforthewarriors.org or view our FAQ document.

One of the greatest gifts one can receive is the gift of Hope. Through the most difficult time in my life, it was hard to find Hope. Hope For The Warriors® gave me that gift. They continue to stand by my side through my journey and at my weakest points they remind me what Hope is all about. Because of Hope For The Warriors, I now give Hope to others.

—Samantha Bradley, Spouse of a Fallen Marine