Army servicemen in front of a hope for the warriors tent.

Military Veteran Peer Support (MVPS)

Military Veteran Peer Support (MVPS) mentors veterans throughout their post-military journey and connect veterans with new opportunities through HOPE’s programs and alongside HOPE’s Strategic Partners. MVPs provide personal engagement and customized peer support and create a place of acceptance and community for veterans and their families whether virtual or in-person.

Post 9/11 service members, veterans, and their families benefit from professional, dedicated, and accountable care and service to support their recovery, transition, and future. HOPE MVP’s provide the very best support possible to those in need with steadfast patience, compassion and understanding.


Military Relations Ambassadors (MRA) are veteran volunteers who support the Military Veteran Peer Support team. Through community based engagement, Ambassadors assist in providing visibility, awareness and a conduit to services and programming offered through Hope For The Warriors®. In addition to serving the Warrior Community, Ambassadors help liaise with military bases and military treatment facilities, civic and other veteran non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, and local government agencies to further build the connection between community and those served by the organization.

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