Hope For The Warriors believes the foundation for becoming a better person, a better community, a better nation is hope. Hope drives action to live healthier, more resilient, more inclusive.

HOPE’s subject matter experts have served veteran and military families since 2006, and over the last 10 years built virtual programs that promote well-being through physical and emotional wellness, financial stability and community connection. Our mission is to serve those who’ve answered the call of service since September 11. Now we all need to be reminded of what makes America resilient.

HOPE has taken our life-changing programs for the warrior community and transformed them into virtual resources to help build a Resilient Nation.

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Resilience in the workplace is the ability to adapt and recover from difficult situations—a key driver of job performance. HOPE wants to be your partner in building resilience in your company or organization. Contact us to get started.

Resilient American

Live virtual classes by a licensed provider that take your team through various exercises and techniques to help them cope with stress. Topics can be customized to achieve your goals, while offering a mental oasis from the workday and helping your company find strength amid change.

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Virtual Fitness Challenges

Commit yourself, your coworkers, your friends and family to move more and with mindfulness through our 30-day Virtual Fitness Challenges. Our team of fitness enthusiasts and professionals encourage you to move with intent and connect communities around a series of challenges that keep you focused on what’s most important: staying active, healthy and resilient. Join our current series of challenges or customize one to achieve your goals for a healthy workplace.

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Warrior’s Compass

Other organizations tell you why you should hire more veterans; Hope For The Warriors shows you how. Warrior’s Compass gives employers the tools to identify veterans and military spouses that best match their job descriptions through a searchable database of 200K+ veteran applicants and virtual resources on veteran hiring and retention best practices.

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Employers lose around  32 days annually due to reduced productivity for every depressed employee. Initiatives that foster resilience return $2.30 for every dollar spent.
Information from 2014 study by Price Waterhouse ROI of Workplace Resilience Training

Employees with high levels of workplace stress are 10-40% more likely to have a heart attack and 35% more likely to have a physician-diagnosed medical condition, contributing $190 billion in health costs.
Information from American Heart Association and Harvard and Stanford University

Improving well-being leads to higher workforce engagement, productivity and loyalty. 73% of employers said cutting employee stress was a major objective for 2020, and 55% said employee burnout was a major concern or challenge — all before the pandemic.
Information from MetLife

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Our goal is to connect communities by bringing out the strength of the individual through shared experiences and understanding. Learn more about HOPE’s mission and how we can help each other build a stronger nation by contacting our team.