Hope For The
Warriors® recognizes that pursuing athletic goals and sports is a key component
of the physical and psychological recovery for service members and the military
families.  Program work includes the
reintroduction of a loved sport or hobby, or the opportunity to gain new skills
with the use of adaptive equipment. 
Through sports and recreation, Hope For The Warriors® builds a community
that embraces the warrior athlete, supporting their rehabilitation and mental

How does Hope
For The Warriors® help warriors pursue these athletic goals?  Countless ways.  Through our Team Hope For The Warriors® and
Run For The Warriors® events, warrior athletes compete across the country on
foot and on handcycle.  Through our
sailing clinics, veterans are introduced to a new, therapeutic sport.  Through Outdoor Adventures programming,
veterans and their families reengage with the great outdoors by hunting or

And new in 2014, CrossFit!

Merrifield, a new training facility in Fairfax, VA, has partnered with Hope For
The Warriors®, to provide CrossFit training and coaching to a few service
members and veterans in their area.  One
of the owners, Thomas Tomlo is a retired Marine and avid supporter to our
service members and Hope For The Warriors®. 
He believes strongly that regardless of ability or injury, each veteran
will have the opportunity to participate in a full range of programs and
classes offered at the gym. 

“Developing a
strong, empowering community is what we are committed to here.  Building a foundation of strength both
physical and through our community is the blueprint to our mission.  The opportunity to serve our heroes and build
this team with them is an honor.”

Hope For The
Warriors® has identified a few service members/veterans in the area who would benefit from both the
physical fitness as well as strong fitness community at CrossFit
Merrifield.  If you are a service member
or Post-9/11 Veteran in the area and would like to be considered, contact SteveBartomioli, Team Hope For The Warriors® Director.

Grand Opening

Or to visit
the gym and meet members of the Team, come out to the CrossFit Merrifield
location on Friday, March 14, 2014 at 6:30 PM. 
The evening will include guest speakers, food, and plenty of time to
socialize, and tour the facilities. 
Members of Hope For The Warriors® staff, Team Hope For The Warriors®,
service members, and Veterans will attend. 
This will be a fun night and we hope that you can join us! For more details, visit our event page on Facebook.

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